We make the boards of all our products:

- Preheating glow plug tester

- Test bench for pumps and common rail injectors

- Engine compression tester

- Common rail diagnosis

- etc...

This guarantees greater reliability for all our equipment.

We are also able to carry out the following operations:

  • SMD cards

We perform assembly of SMD boards using the QUADRA EVO equipment.
Possibility of mounting resistors and capacitors up to size 0402, SOIC components, D-PAK, SOT, etc.

To best meet your needs, we use different types of solder alloys.

  • Traditional cards

Possibility to make boards that use traditional components: resistors, capacitors, integrated circuits, microprocessors, etc.

Maximum board width: 300 mm
Possibility to choose the type of welding.

  • Repair boards

Repair service traditional and SMD boards.

  • Realization of custom products

Products realization according to your needs:
- Project
- Custom software for industries
- Prototyping
- Production

Derossi Massimo S.r.l.

Via Sandigliano, 181

13878  -  Candelo (BI)

P.IVA 02182190021

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